Know the winning strategies of Aces and Faces video poker game

Know the winning strategies of Aces and Faces video poker game

Playing video poker games is neither easy nor difficult to win. The basic factor is that you need to know certain tips to win big at any video poker game. If you are not aware of the tips,things may turn difficult to you. There are many players who are experts in playing video poker and so, if you are not aware of the winning tips, you may lose in every game and lose the enthusiasm of playing in the long run.

Aces and Faces is a popular video poker which is based on the game Jacks or Better. It is very much evident from the name that the game is a combination of aces and the face cards. It starts with the pair of Jacks and the payouts are higher for 4 types of combinations which include Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

The game of Aces and Faces is played with a batch of 52 cards as usual. In the first hand, 5cards are held with, but if you are interested in making a strong hand, you can hold as many cards as possible. For a combination of pairs, flushes and straights, in general a lower payout is set forth and the highest combination is given to 4 combinations as mentioned above.

Following are some of the basic video poker winning strategies that every player should know. Have the following combinations to get the maximum payout:

a) Four of a king, royal flush, straight flush

b) Four cards of the royal flush

c) If you have three of a kind, always go for flush, straight and full house

d) Four cards with a flush of any one type, i.e. straight flush

e) Having two pairs in the hand

f) Having a very high pair (Jack or Better)

g) Three cards of the royal flush

h) Have a low pair at hand

i) Four cards which goes outside straight

j) High cards which are highly suitable to each other

k) Having a three cards at hand which leads to a straight flush

l) Two high cards which are not suitable to each other. It is preferred to take more than

two, but always go for the lowest

m) Highly suitable cards together which include 10-K, 10-Q and 10-J

n) Discard all the cards which have been dealt with the game.

A very interesting part of the Aces and Faces game is that the winners are paid having pairs of J-Q-K-A, with 2 pairs, and the 3 of a kind is a must. These are known to be straight, full house and flush. Then there is four of a kind and also four of a kind J-Q-K, which includes straight flush, Royal Flush and four of a kind Ace.

One must know that here selecting the coins in the right denomination and quantity is very important in winning the game and getting the proper prize. To begin with, you will have to first select the quantity and coin denomination in the right amount and then start betting for each of the hands. A player is allowed to play with a little .05 and also high as $25 in each hand. .05 signifies .05 x 1 coin and $25 means $5 x 5 coins.

For a minimum bet, the payout is 500 coins and for the maximum bet, the Payout stands at 4000 coins.

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