Best and Oldest Casino Games

Best and Oldest Casino Games

Despite the years of their creation, these games are still the favorites and most requested of the players in the casinos.

The casinos are places of total entertainment, the atmosphere is made for people to forget their problems for a while and go only to have fun with the card tables, roulette and slots , but you know the origin and age of all those games ? Here we tell you about the oldest casino games and introduce you with some online gambling sites.


The use of dice in games of chance dates from the year two thousand BC, although there is no exact date, it is said that since then they were used in Egypt and little by little they evolved until they reached what we know today. Now it is very common to see crowds around the tables to see the participants of this activity.


Without a doubt one of the oldest is this traditional game. It has its origins in the Han Chinese dynasty , which existed in 220 AD, and used this hobby (or something very similar) to raise money for the armies and the government. Enter our betting guide and learn how to play Lottery.


This card game has several parents, as there are different antecedents that were shaping it. The first is from the year 900, in China, as a variant of dominoes. Others say that it was the Persians who invented it with their game “as nas”. However, the closest thing to its origin was in France with the ” Poque “, which was played with 25 cards of 5 suits and with 5 players, said entertainment arrived in New Orleans in 1840. For latest online poker games visit online casino usa.

Black Jack

The history of this famous game begins in Spain, where something called ” blackjack ” was played, the objective of which was to reach that number, something very similar to the current BlackJack . Some texts by Miguel de Cervantes already spoke of this game in the year 1440, which is why it is considered his year of birth.


It has its origin in France in the seventeenth century, with the inventor Blas Pascal , who made a wheel that is considered the first version. Then the French Blanc brothers popularized it in Europe, especially in Monte Carlo, where it was said that the duo earned so much money that they had a pact with the devil, who had taught them all the tricks.

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