What are the best online games to win real money?

What are the best online games to win real money?

Technology advances and this has allowed many bookmakers to decide to take a step into the digital world. The typical roulette games or the slot machines themselves have been digitized, betting on the versatility of playing where and when you want thanks to the Internet. But, do you want to know which are the best online games to win real money?

The success of online casinos

This current type of casino allows you to bet on traditional games of chance with the additional convenience of doing so via the Internet, from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

In short, these are virtual platforms in which to place bets in a regulated and legal way, but without the need to go to the physical site to play the game. You can play at any time and without leaving home.

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Slots – The market for slots and slots is endless. Given so much variety, to choose an online slot machine you have to assess different aspects such as RTP or variance. No matter if it is classic style games or with 3D animation interactions and spectacular settings, it is always recommended to take into account the volume of the jackpots, which will positively affect the RTP.

Blackjack – If you mean well and know the basic strategies, blackjack is one of the casino games with the best chance of winning. It is one of the games of chance in which strategy matters the most and the RTP will depend directly on the knowledge of the player and the decisions they make. Operators compete to offer the widest possible variety of game variants, and also complete them with side bet options to make the game more exciting.

Roulette -The popularity of this game is due to the fact that it is strictly a game of luck, and everything revolves around the number that the ball will land on. The best option to win money is the European roulette, which has only 1 zero, instead of the American roulette that has 2. This makes the RTP go from 97.3% in the case of European roulette to 94.7% for the American. The live and automated roulette tables currently enjoyed at online casinos include all variants of the game.

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Roulette is one of the most popular games on the casino market. Due to its simplicity, its possible winnings and its intrigue and excitement, it has ended up becoming the protagonist of any casino. Now what is needed is to know the magic formula that allows us to make money with it. Do you want to know how to win at casino roulette?

How to win at casino roulette:

A ball that spins on a roulette wheel and lands on a square with a number and a color. Success is never guaranteed, but there are a number of strategies that can help you earn money more easily. We tell you what they are.

Martingale strategy: consists of betting a fixed amount on the initial bet and in case of loss, doubling this bet amount until our bet is won. In this way, the amount that we put as our initial bet when we started playing will have been achieved as a benefit.

Alembert strategy: consists of adding a betting unit after a failure. In the same way, just that same amount will be subtracted in case of a hit. It is a betting system for players who want to keep a certain number of bets and losses to a minimum.

Fibonacci strategy: the sequence of numbers that bears his name is used, and in which each number is the sum of the previous two: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89 … If it is lost, the sequence continues; and when you win you must go back two bets in the sequence described and bet that amount.

Tricks to win money at roulette

The RTP of roulette: French and European roulette are more favorable for the player than the American one. The reason? The 00 of American roulette, an additional box that makes it more difficult to hit.

Inside bets: outside bets cover more numbers, so that a priori it will be easier to win. This can be good for casual players, those who play roulette sporadically and are looking for a method to win at roulette quickly. However, it is an unsustainable strategy in the medium and long term, since the real value is in the inside bets.

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