Why Is There a Lack of Online Casino Apps?

Why Is There a Lack of Online Casino Apps?

As a whole, online casinos are more popular than they’ve ever been as user numbers continue to grow and the number of operators that offer their services are growing too, many of the big player favorites are found through dedicated websites like those at casinosuden.com and are well suited for this online website style too, but few have been able to emerge through their own dedicated mobile apps where online sportsbooks have found much greater success. So why is it that there’s a lack of mobile casino apps?

Cost is an important factor – Good apps aren’t cheap to develop and can often take a very long time and come at a large expense – particularly when designing an app that will perform well on a large number of different devices and host a large number of different games too. This may be a deterrent for many operators to look to investing in this space, but those that have done so have managed to find a lot of success and stand out f rom other operators in the market too and leading to an increasing number of operators that are also willing to explore this possible change too.

Not all games are developed for apps specifically – With the biggest services boasting thousands of different titles these days, having them all accessible is a big part of the success and popularity – this is something that may also be holding back the development as a mobile app as not all titles will be developed in a way that works on a mobile app instead of just a browser. Whilst many will, if those that don’t are amongst the most popular or a favorite, then it could impact the performance of the operator as a whole.

Additional costs from in-app purchases – Another consideration has also been within the cost that comes with having users purchase currency through apps too – both Apple and Google for the longest time had charged a 30% tariff for anything purchased in app and this would directly impact operators and cause some larger losses over a longer period of time. This is now changing as the app space is adjusting to more recent evolutions within the online marketplace which could see more online casino apps emerge, but there will still be a cost associated with doing so as in-app purchases will be subject to a certain cut being taken.

It’s an exciting time for operators though as there are newer opportunities emerging and there are growing opportunities for certain operators to stand out amongst the crowd and define themselves as one of the faster moving operators.

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