Download these top 6 mobile apps

Download these top 6 mobile apps

Did you know that the first smartphone was launched in 1992? We’ve certainly come a long way in the two decades since, to the point where over a third of the world’s population now owns a smartphone! From replying to emails, to updating social media feeds, to playing slots games, the versatility of the smartphone makes it a great tool in everyday life. 

With this in mind, we decided to research and put together the top 6 apps we think everyone should be using on their phones. We suggest some apps because they make you be more efficient with your time – such as email, calendar and bank apps.  But we also suggest apps that help you unwind and relax without the need for a desktop or TV. Think social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Or even online casino apps that make it possible to play on the go. Curious to know more? Take a look at our infographic below . . . 

Lee Parker

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